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Migliore & Associates Encourages Students

http://youtu.be/EOd_Rl_e21Y Migliore & Associates has mentored many court reporting students and welcomes new reporters to the profession.  As a former court reporting instructor and certified court reporter, Lisa Migliore Black has never forgotten to give back to...

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Right in Your Backyard

Imagine hiring a landscaping company located across the country to find a neighbor kid to mow your lawn for you. That doesn't make sense, does it? After all, you know your neighborhood and your own backyard better than someone thousands of miles away. Plus, there's...

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Talk Like A [Cyber]Pirate Day

Aye, matey, 'tis fitting that International Talk Like a Pirate Day and this Order by the Court fell on this 19th day of September, 2013. The cyberpirate's motion to dismiss DENIED.         Lisa Migliore Black, Migliore & Associates, Louisville...

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Protected: New Office Stamp

What's all the secrecy about?  No big deal, but there are two things that just aren't marketable to clients: cussing and complaining.  I want to do both.  It's Friday, and I'm too pooped to write a real blog after the week I've had.   But your curiosity (and the...

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PDF-It Solutions

Problems accessing the PDF-It portfolio? QUICK FIX NUMBER 1:  Try downloading the most current version of the FREE Adobe Acrobat viewer by visiting http://get.adobe.com/reader and Adobe Flash Player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer QUICK FIX NUMBER 2:  Installed the...

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