Reel to ReelDigital court reporting companies claim that their technology is cutting edge and just as reliable as a stenographic record.  We disagree, and apparently so does the Florida Supreme Court.

“This Court, on its own motion, amends Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.535(i) (Court Reporting Services in Capital Cases) to ensure the accuracy of transcripts by clarifying that the rule requires the use of a live court reporter in all trials in which the state seeks the death penalty and…to prohibit the use of digital court reporting as the primary court reporting system in trials where the state seeks the death penalty or in capital post conviction proceedings.”

Read the Court’s Order

While the recording device that digital reporters utilize may be a little more up to date than the old reel-to-reels, creating a record solely from a recording is still unreliable and risky.  When the recording fails or is inaudible, the proceedings are gone forever. If your case is important to you and your client, call us and rest assured that Migliore & Associates only relies on trained and experienced stenographic reporters that capture every word as it’s spoken in realtime at prices more competitive than promised by our digital competitors.

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