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Careers in Stenography

Did You Know … Court reporters and captioners use cutting-edge technology to bring the spoken word to text accurately in real time Their unique skills are in high demand and so are job opportunities It doesn’t take a four-year degree and high tuition costs to reach...

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Migliore and Associates would like to welcome our newest videographer and office assistant, Ashleigh Skaggs. Our business cannot run without someone scheduling, billing, processing transcripts, and so much more.  Behind the camera, she will be recording and...

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The benefits of pro bono work

The call from the out-of-state attorney seemed much like any other. “We’ll need a court reporter and videographer to cover a deposition. Are you available?” But this call turned unusual. After obtaining the scheduling information, the next question was, “Do you do pro...

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