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The benefits of pro bono work

The call from the out-of-state attorney seemed much like any other. “We’ll need a court reporter and videographer to cover a deposition. Are you available?” But this call turned unusual. After obtaining the scheduling information, the next question was, “Do you do pro...

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NCRA STRONG: Beware of buzzwords!

Authored by Liz Harvey Our profession is under attack. It seems like a new transcription company pops up every day pretending to be a technology company, promising something new and exciting. Even though they offer an inferior product, they have effective marketing...

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Buyer Beware

If opposing counsel has to call an out-of-state court reporting service, should that mean you have to pay higher prices?Decision-makers who procure the services of court reporting firms through preferred vendor lists or long-term contracts with national court...

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You Cannot Afford a Take 2

Digital recorders can’t play the part of a stenographic reporter. The many failures of digital recording systems in our nation’s courtrooms are getting top billing in the headlines, and digital reporters are also making walk-on appearances at depositions. Inaudible...

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