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Page formats in transcripts can be easily manipulated so that fewer characters and words appear on the page.  Additionally, some court reporting firms choose to add key word indexes and charge full page rates for their inclusion.  Both of these practices adversely affect your bottom line by artificially increasing the volume of pages for which you are being charged, leaving your wallet half empty.  

A Louisville digital court reporting firm may be luring you with what seems like a low price, but look more closely at your invoice and you’ll discover that you’re paying more than you should.  That key word index could be costing you hundreds of dollars that you wouldn’t be paying if you chose Migliore & Associates for your deposition and trial needs.

To avoid unnecessary expense:

  1. Choose a court reporting firm that adheres to the National Court Reporters Association’s transcript format guidelines.
  2. Request itemized invoices.
  3. Select a court reporting firm that doesn’t charge full page rates for key word indexes.

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