Kentucky Court Reporters Association’s representative Lisa Migliore Black attends the National Court Reporters Association 2019 Legislative Boot Camp to lobby for the inclusion of court reporting schools in the Higher Education Act.  This is Lisa’s second trip to lobby for this cause.

Court reporters provide closed captioning with realtime technology.

48 million deaf and hard-of-hearing Americans depend on quality closed captioning for inclusivity–even life and death in the event of disasters and emergencies. 

There is an expanding need for more captioners because of the explosion of new content being added daily on YouTube and other online platforms.  Court reporting schools need funding to provide new captioners to fill these positions.

  Our elected officials are accessible.

After extensive training overseen by Dave Wenhold and Jocelyn Moore, NCRA Government Relations, volunteers from across the nation lobbied on Capitol Hill, one of the largest turnouts for Boot Camp.  NCRA sought to ensure that the Training for Realtime Writers grant was included in the Higher Education Act at the same funding levels as before.

Lisa Migliore Black of Louisville, Kentucky, started her day with a meeting with Erica DiCio (pictured above), Legislative Assistant to House Representative John Yarmuth.  Next, Lisa headed over to the Senate for meetings with Legislative Aides Andrew Swafford and Quentin Scholtz.  The day ended on a high note with Senator Rand Paul’s legislative Counsel, Ericka King (pictured below).  


NCRA 2.0 at Work

Many thanks to our NCRA board for their dedication to our profession.  The excitement you’ve created with your new direction for our association is palpable.  We appreciate your leadership!

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