National court reporting agencies can't compete on price or service in our backyardImagine hiring a landscaping company located across the country to find a neighbor kid to mow your lawn for you. That doesn’t make sense, does it? After all, you know your neighborhood and your own backyard better than someone thousands of miles away. Plus, there’s sure to be hefty overhead fee associated with the service.

The same is true of finding a court reporter to take your next deposition. Yet there are a growing number of national court reporting brokerage firms that claim to know your “backyard” better than you do.

The fact is, attorneys, litigants, and court reporters lose value when too many middlemen get involved in the process; prices increase and service decreases.  The local court reporting professional is still the gold standard for integrity, accuracy and neutrality for keeping the official record.

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Need a local conference room?  Migliore & Associates’ Louisville office is conveniently located on the corner of 7th and Main, in the heart of downtown Louisville, Kentucky 40202.  Need a conference room in Cleveland, Ohio, or Portland, Oregon?  We’ve got you covered there too.  Our Table 8 network of local reporters and videographers is ready to serve you in all 50 states, Canada, Asia, and Europe.


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