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Testifying can be unnerving for a witness.  With these helpful tips from your court reporter, you can prepare the witness on how to create an accurate transcript.

  • Avoid non-verbal responses like shaking or nodding the head or saying uh-huh or uh-uh. These types of responses can easily be confused when reading the written transcript at a later date.
  • Wait for the entire question to be asked before answering to avoid interrupting. If your attorney has an objection, allow them to place it on the record before answering.
  • Speak loudly and clearly so that all participants can hear your answers.
  • Offer spellings of any unusual terms or names.
  • Gesturing, pointing, and indicating are problematic in a written record. Descriptive words help create a clear record.
  • Speak at a reasonable speed. Reporters are certified to take down the record at speeds of 225+ words a minute, but at greater speeds, the accuracy of the record will suffer.   Do not take offense if asked to slow your pace.

Attorneys and fellow reporters, download and print a copy of these tips by clicking here.  Blank space is provided at the bottom should you wish to add your company information or logo–provided courtesy of Migliore & Associates, Court Reporting and Video Services, and Save Our Court Records.

Lisa Migliore Black, Migliore & Associates, Louisville Court Reporting and Video Services.  Free conference rooms in the heart of downtown Louisville, KY  40202.  All rights reserved.

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