Louisville Court Reporting Firm Helping to Ensure that Wartime Veterans’ Sacrifices are Never Forgotten

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, Veterans Voices of Kentuckiana hosted a “Celebration of Life” event for military veterans and their families.  Migliore & Associates, a local Louisville court reporting firm, was on hand to invite and educate wartime veterans about participating in the preservation of their oral histories for submission to the Library of Congress.

Migliore & Associates will host an all-day event to capture the oral histories of wartime veterans on January 9, 2015.  The event will be held at their offices located in downtown Louisville, 101 North 7th Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. The goal is to preserve oral histories for submission to the Library of Congress.  To schedule an appointment and RSVP, contact Lisa Migliore Black at (502) 241-7557.

The process will work like this: Veterans will be interviewed, a court reporter will capture their stories stenographically, and the interview may be also recorded on videotape. Photographs and other documents will be scanned onsite. The media package will then be forwarded to the Library of Congress as part of the Veterans History Project.  Veterans will also be provided a copy of their media package to share with their families as an important piece of family history.

Chris Johnson, Vietnam veteran and local volunteer for Veterans Voices of Kentuckiana, has graciously allowed his oral history to be shared in hopes that it will encourage others to participate.  Click here to read Mr. Johnson’s full interview.

“My father and both my grandfathers served in the military. So this is a cause that is close to my heart,” said Lisa Migliore Black, owner of Migliore & Associates. “Besides, it’s only fitting that someone in my profession volunteer for this cause. Court reporters are today’s modern scribes.  Veterans are today’s American heroes. Together we can make history.”

Mrs. Migliore Black’s involvement with the Veterans History Project has been ongoing for the past few years, traveling as far as Nashville, TN, to volunteer for the project in conjunction with the National Court Reporters Association. “Our hope is to preserve the story of every local wartime veteran who wants to share,” said Lisa. Feledra Moore-Phillips, Kim Ballard, Gina Pintozzi, Debi Rush, along with other volunteers from the Kentucky Court Reporting Association are working together to expand this initiative statewide.

Established in 2000, the Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center was created to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

“It’s truly patriotic when someone like Lisa honors local veterans by helping to ensure that their stories of wartime experiences will be preserved at the Library of Congress, where future generations of Americans will have the opportunity to read and appreciate the sacrifices they made on our behalf,” said Beth Kilker, Oral Histories Coordinator for the National Court Reporters Foundation.

Individual interviews can also be arranged at local VFWs, veterans’ posts, and VA hospitals for the convenience of wartime veterans with a story to tell.

Lisa Migliore Black, Migliore & Associates, Louisville Court Reporting and Video Services.  Free conference rooms in the heart of downtown Louisville, KY  40202.  All rights reserved.


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